Contemporary Semi Abstract Paintings

Contemporary Semi Abstract Paintings

Contemporary Semi Abstract PaintingsContemporary Semi Abstract Paintings

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Wax Crayon Resist And Other Mixed Media Effects On Paper!


Who can RESIST the intriguing effect of water resisting oil or wax. Such an interesting battle going on that takes on a life of its own. An artist can't completely control it, but letting the art live and move has many advantages in creating vibrant robust art that speaks to people. Follow along and see how Larry uses the resist of water in his wax crayon art.

Unique Acrylic Paintings On Recycled Woven Food Carton Paper!

Iris On Collage by Larry Lerew
10" x 8" Acrylic
on Food Carton Collage

I enjoy, as an artist, experimenting with my painting, evolving my art and trying new unique things like new crayon art and paintings on recycled woven paper. By exploring new ideas and stretching my possibilities I keep discovering wonderfully advanced techniques and methods that only can be found with braking the mold of painting like everyone else and moving forward in your art career as an individual.

Plein Air Painting & Drawing Is Not Just For Oil Painters!

Buzz On In by Larry Lerew
8" x 10" Acrylic Plein Air
on Food Carton Collage

The phrase "Plein Air" is a French term which means the act of painting outdoors. I prefer acrylics because of their water clean up, fast drying time and ease of use. Other choices are watercolor, gouache, ink, charcoal, pastel and sometimes a mix of several together. Acrylic Plein Air offers a whole different approach and fresh modern look to outdoor on the spot painting.