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About Me

My Background


I knew early in life I wanted to be an artist and create paintings for sale that would be appreciated and admired. Starting with formal art training at York Academy of Arts and adding decades of creating has been an adventure that I can continue to expand on with my next painting.

Unique Acrylic Paintings on Recycled Food Carton Collages

"A Walk Down Century Lane"
by Larry Lerew
24" x 20" Acrylic on Recycled Food Carton Collage

I enjoy experimenting with my painting, evolving my art and trying new unique things. By exploring new ideas and stretching my possibilities I keep discovering wonderfully advanced techniques and methods that only can be found with braking the mold of painting like everyone else and moving forward in your art career as an individual.

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My Inspiration


I was first inspired to paint en plein air as an artist by the sight of the golden sunset hitting our farmhouse. Since then Acrylic Paints have sustained my paintings inspirations and an endless source to create paintings for sale.

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