Contemporary Semi Abstract Paintings

Contemporary Semi Abstract Paintings

Contemporary Semi Abstract PaintingsContemporary Semi Abstract Paintings

About Us

Commercial Artist Evolves To Fine Artist

Larry is a commercial arts major and honor graduate of the York Academy of Arts, York, Pennsylvania, class of 1978. Since those early days, his art career has been very creative, starting as a staff artist and art director with several printing companies in the South Central Pennsylvania area then freelancing full time as an independent artist/illustrator full time through the 1990's.  He loved creating art but commercial art had a lot of restrictions that limited his talents so he began switching to his first love of making art by painting as a fine artist and progressed to studio and en plein air painting in the year 2000 for more freedom of his creative spirit. Today his art has evolved into a body of work that truly expresses his feelings and joys of making art.

Open Your Mind To How You Feel About Art

Being an artist is so much fun when you open your mind for yourself and others to possibilities and creative challenges. That's the goal of Larry's studio/gallery which is the place to experience paintings and drawings that make you ask "How do I feel about this art?"

Owning Art Is Most Beneficial To Your Well Being!

Larry's art is not for everyone and that's O.K. You may discover by experiencing his semi abstract new art how you feel and how much you may need it in your life to lift your spirits and make you think. 

Making Art


Working On Location en Plein Air

Larry enjoys being inspired by his surroundings, so what better way to do that than get out to sketch, paint or even just experience new environments. He started en plein air painting with watercolors when he was still in high school during the early 1970's and still enjoys the experiences and rewards.


Creating In The Studio

Things can get messy but creativity sometimes needs to be born out of chaos. Larry loves to throw and drip paint and look for the unexpected. Much of his larger works are in process around his studio, sometimes working on one while others are drying or going through stages.


Showing At The Gallery Or Show

The walls are full of one-of-a-kind works you won't find anywhere else. There is always a nice selection in the gallery for purchase.